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Hear from amazing embroidery artists and learn practical tips, techniques and how to weave creativity into our busy lives.

Stitching & Co was founded as a way to start the conversation within the industry. It’s a podcast that truly promotes community over competition, exploring topics such as creative burnout, imposter syndrome, whether to turn your hobby into a business, how to price your art, how to find your own artistic style that feels true to you, understanding that it is okay to pivot and change directions, and many more highly personal topics that really just don’t get spoken about often.

Host and founder of Stitching & Co, Bess Wilkins, knows firsthand the crazy rollercoaster of emotions that comes with being a life-long crafter. It can be highly therapeutic while simultaneously isolating, frustrating and self-doubting. These are all normal experiences of the modern-day crafter no matter whether you are an embroidery artist, cross-stitcher, graphic designer or painter.

Bess also runs Life With Bess, an online embroidery store and can be found hanging out on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and now YouTube!

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